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About Executive Medicine

As a team of doctors and health professionals we are passionate about helping you optimise your current and future health.

That’s why we offer comprehensive health assessments that evaluate your health risk factors, screen you for cancer and provide you with targets to improve your health.

Meet the team

Dr John Cummins, Practice Principal and Specialist Physician

Dr Philip Mathen, Physician

Dr Irene Lai, Physician

Our philosophy

Most ill health is preventable. With proper health maintenance, health checks and learning how to better manage your body and your health, you can significantly reduce your chances of illness and chronic disease.

Arterial blockages and all common cancers can be screened for and detected at an early stage.

  • 90% of arterial blockages are due to lifestyle – nutrition, exercise and stress
  • 20-30% of cancers are lifestyle related

That’s why our team works with you to get you eating properly, moving correctly and managing your stress. If left unchecked stress is often a contributor to increased alcohol consumption and other poor health choices that contribute to disease.

How do we do this?

We work in partnership with you.  Your initial health assessment is to determine the current state of your health and to benchmark your health against the ideal.

This assessment includes a full head-to-toe medical examination, review of your medical history and lifestyle risk factors, a cardiac risk assessment, cancer check, and an exercise stress test to assess your fitness level, blood pressure response to exercise and to look for evidence of arterial disease.

Based upon a thorough assessment you are given recommendations and the resources to assist you in making changes to optimise your health.

Your health is monitored via the process of regular health checks and measuring your results to see if there is any change in your health. We check in on your diet, exercise and stress levels. From time to time we may recommend further testing according to your assessment results and individual risk profile.

If you ever have a health concern or a problem between visits we ask that you come back and see us.  When you require a specialist we will refer you to our handpicked network ensuring you receive prompt, quality care to relieve any anxiety you may experience in an expeditious manner.

In addition to our high technical competence we pride ourselves on having a very caring culture and great service delivery.


Investing in your health. It just makes sense.

Don’t take our word for it.

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