Corporate Health

Business is about improving performance

Healthy people are productive people. That’s why employers use our health programs.

productivityCorporate health program benefits

Improve productivity and ROI. Reduce abenteeism. Decrease workers compensation claims. Attract and retain talent. Be an employer of choice. more


health-experts-support-hr-expertsHR support for health issues

We manage and improve employee health. We’re the health experts. We work with your HR experts to solve employee health problems that arise. Watch the video.


Executive health management

For employers who want to provide key executives with comprehensive health checks to maintain peak performance and optimise long-term health. more


doctors-who-careWhat makes us different

We offer you health improvement – not just health assessments. That’s why we screen, treat, set health targets and provide ongoing health management. more



Do I need a referral for a health assessment and risk screening? No. Just call 9290 3259 to make an appointment. more



We aim to keep you and your business in peak health. As doctors and health professionals who love health, and hearts, we offer you a caring practice, high levels of technical competence and excellent service delivery. Importantly, we want to work with you to improve your employees health.

Why workplace health programs?

  • To improve productivity and engagement
  • To reduce absenteeism
  • To attract and retain talent and stand out as an employer of choice

Don’t take our word for it. Read the Australian research.

Managing and investing in health. It just makes sense.