Corporate Health FAQs

Corporate Health Program FAQs

Do your services attract GST ?

Yes – all corporate health assessments will be subject to GST.

Can we get a report on our organisation as a whole?

Yes – we can provide you with a report detailing your company’s overall health. The data included will be de-identified and comply with privacy standards.

Can I get HR support if I am concerned about a staff member?

Yes – we are here to help and regularly work with HR to deal with employee health issues that arise.

Can you help improve our organisation’s culture around health e.g. nutrition, stress management and exercise?

Yes – we can provide advice, referrals and support. We can also assist in facilitating internal educational programs.

Can you help with a health segment on our internal newsletter?

Yes – just let us know your requirements.

Can we waive a cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy provides security for all parties. We, as an organisation, don’t like to issue cancellation fees, but it is necessary in some circumstances. However, we are always willing to discuss any concerns that you have in this area.

How do you differ from your competition?

We offer ongoing health management as well as health assessments. Ours is the only practice in Australia that offers the V-Scan (handheld ultrasound) enabling us to look directly at the heart structure and function as well as the abdominal and pelvic organs to ensure your employees are healthy inside too. Similarly we are the only practice that offers ankle brachial index testing looking for evidence of blockages in the lower limb arteries. Our practice is owned and run by a specialist physician.

Importantly, we are really interested in supporting your HR staff and make ourselves available to speak with them about any concerns they may have about employee health and how to improve health in the workplace.

How do we best introduce the service to the staff to maximise uptake?

We would recommend that one of our doctors come and have a quick chat with your staff, on site, at a time convenient for you. Just phone us on 9290 3259 to discuss.

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