What makes us different?

What makes us different

Executive Medicine is owned and run by a medical specialist unlike many practices.

I understand and am passionate about optimising employee health and wellness to improve performance in life and productivity at work.

5 Reasons Why Executive Medicine

At Executive Medicine we:

  1. optimise your health (physical and emotional/mental) – and the health of your employees
  2. support your HR team when it comes to health issues
  3. offer companies flu vaccines, skin checks, health expo days, point of care testing for employees, medical and nutritional advice, occupational health and safety — anything to do with health at all
  4. are accessible at short notice when required
  5. deliver you health programs you can count on to support you Рand your employees

Business is about improving performance

  • We optimise health to keep you and your people healthy and productive. That’s why employers use our health programs.
  • We are committed to health improvement and management – not just health assessment and reporting.
  • We screen, treat and set clear health targets to help improve and optimise your health – and the health of your team.
  • We invest in technology like the V-Scan to enable us to provide the highest level of service delivery and the ability to identify early evidence of disease before symptoms develop.

Consider the state of your corporate health

  • Are your workers compensation costs going up?
  • How stressed are your executives?
  • Is your team’s health optimised to maintain and improve productivity?

Did you know …

  • In the past 12 months 1 in 5 Australians have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. Most are easily treated if addressed early according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
  • The Global Inter Heart Study showed that 90% of blocked arteries are due to lifestyle and at least half the time you won’t get a warning before you have a heart attack
  • Most chronic ill health is preventable. That’s why our health checks focus on prevention and detection of early evidence of heart disease, stroke and cancer – as well as the basics

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