Executive Express

Executive Express Health Check

A MUST for every business person who values their health

The EXECUTIVE EXPRESS is an hour long assessment incorporating the fundamentals of a comprehensive health assessment – a physical examination, a resting ECG and blood work focusing on your current state of health with personal risk profiling of cardiovascular disease and cancers.

Medical examination and cancer screening

Conducted by the doctor, this includes a medical/lifestyle evaluation including examining the eyes, ears, mouth, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, abdominal system and genitourinary system. It also includes a skin cancer check, bowel cancer screening kit (as required), prostate check (men), breast check (women) and urine analysis.

All results will be discussed with you at the time of the consultation and an ongoing management plan will be developed (as required).

Coronary risk and heart evaluation

This includes conducting a resting ECG as well as analysing your cholesterol and blood glucose levels, body mass index (BMI), waist/hip ratio, blood pressure, resting heart rate, fitness level and family history.

Post appointment and ongoing care

A comprehensive health and lifestyle report will be sent to you which will include the results from your assessment, as well as detailed recommendations from the Doctor.

We provide ongoing care in the form of follow-up appointments, referral letters and prescriptions.

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