Do I need a referral for a health assessment and risk screening?

No. Just call us on 9290 3259 to make an appointment.

Is this health assessment covered by private health insurance?

Private health insurance currently tends to cover only in-hospital medical expenses. However it is worth speaking to your private health fund about this directly. You will receive a small refund from Medicare.

What is included in a full health medical checkup?

You will receive:

  • a comprehensive heart check (similar to seeing a cardiologist)
  • a skin check (similar to seeing a dermatologist)
  • a thorough physical examination (similar to seeing a general physician)
  • an assessment and advice on nutrition and exercise (similar to seeing a dietician and exercise physiologist)
  • a prostate check (similar to seeing a urologist) or a pap smear

This can save you time and money compared to making and paying for numerous appointments to see a variety of different sub specialists.

What is the cost for a complete health risk assessment at Executive Medicine?

This depends upon your requirements. Please phone us to discuss your needs and our pricing. It could be the most important investment you ever make!

To appreciate the value of an Executive Medicine health check, it is useful to itemise the costs of the services provided and to compare the overall price to that of seeing multiple specialists. Read more.

How does an Executive Medicine health check differ from seeing a GP?

Our focus is on prevention and early detection of disease. Appointments are longer so testing and screening can be more thorough. More

Will I get a copy of the blood test results if I am having an insurance medical?

Unfortunately not. Executive Medicine cannot give you your blood test results, unless there has been a pre-arranged agreement between the insurance company and Executive Medicine.

We are contracted by the insurance company, (to whom you are applying for insurance) to perform the medical examination only and not comment or interpret blood test results. The insurance company owns the blood test results. Your financial advisor or broker can request the insurance company send copies of the blood test to your GP. Learn more about our insurance medicals .

Are you open weekends?

No. We are open Monday to Friday between 8.00am and 5.00pm. For exceptional circumstances we will extend our opening hours to schedule an appropriate time for you.

Can my company send our staff to you for health checks and monitoring?

Yes. A number of companies have us screen and monitor their staff for health risks each year. Many individual clients initially came to Executive Medicine through their companies but have continued coming to see us annually even after they left the company.

Do you have offices Interstate?

Yes. We have affiliates nationally and in New Zealand, enabling us to screen and monitor health risks for organisations with staff based Australia wide and in New Zealand.

Do you have female doctors? Are Pap smears available?

Yes, we have a fantastic female doctor!

Can anyone make an appointment at Executive Medicine?

Yes. Just call us on 02 9290 3259.

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