What to expect

What to expect

Your appointment will take between 1 – 2 hours depending on which assessment you choose.

Prior to your appointment

Before your appointment we will send you a:

  • referral form for a blood test
  • consent form – if your appointment includes a stress test
  • Short medical questionnaire to complete

When you arrive

You will have already had your bloods taken and completed our lifestyle and health questionnaire. You will then spend approximately half an hour with your doctor discussing:

  • Current state of health
  • Past history
  • Family history
  • Nutritional intake
  • Activity level
  • Medications (including any supplements you take)
  • Any specific health concerns you may have

The physical examination

Our doctors will examine your neck, heart, chest, abdomen and groin (in men), lower limbs and skin. You will also have your height, weight, waist circumference, body fat percentage and blood pressure measured.

Many patients opt to have their other checks and tests done at this time ie , PAP smear, prostate check, breast check etc.

The stress test

If your appointment includes a stress test we will be assessing:

  • Blood pressure response to exercise
  • Level of fitness
  • Evidence of narrowed coronary arteries
  • Evidence of heart rhythm disturbance during peak exercise

Reviewing your results and providing a full report

After the initial consultation, physical examination and stress test, our doctors will review your results with you in detail. We will:

  • Review your blood test results and explain what they mean
  • Educate you on how your results compare to the established targets based on internationally agreed expert opinion
  • Formulate a management plan, if necessary, to further improve and optimise your health
  • Prepare a full results report profiling your coronary risk and overall results and statistics

As you are leaving

Shower facilities are available on site. Toiletries and towels are provided for your use

Payment – you will be asked to pay for your appointment before you leave the clinic (unless prior arrangements have been made with your employer). Payment is accepted via credit card, eftpos or cash. Please note: a 2% surcharge applies when using AMEX.  Cheques are not accepted

Annual review – we recommend our clients visit us annually, and you are encouraged to make next year’s booking as you are leaving for the day. This is optional but many clients find it easier to put the appointment in their diary sooner rather than later, especially knowing they can change appointment dates and times if necessary

Ongoing care (on an “as need” basis)

If there are any health concerns identified during the consultation, we will take pro-active measures to address them. Where appropriate you will be referred to appropriate specialists. You can count on us to oversee the management of any major health issues identified.

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