Why Executive Medicine

Why Executive Medicine



As experts who love health, and hearts, we offer you a caring practice, high levels of technical competence and excellent service delivery. Importantly, we want to work with you to improve your health.

Dramatically improve your chances of good health

Most chronic ill health is preventable – 60 to 80% in fact. That’s why our health checks focus on prevention and detection of early evidence of heart disease, stroke and cancer –  as well as the basics!

Health management – not just health assessment

You will be assessed, screened and treated. We will teach you how to manage your risk factors and help you achieve your health targets (for blood pressure, cholesterol control, weight etc). Why? Because this is key to reducing your risk of coronary artery disease.

One-stop cancer surveillance

Save yourself time and money. You are screened for the top 6 cancers in Australia — lung, bowel, prostate, breast, lymphoma and melanoma — all in one appointment. If follow up is required you are referred to hand picked specialists who we have screened for technical knowledge and practice style.

Know if you are healthy inside and out

The V-Scan ultrasound enables us to look directly at your internal organs – heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, bladder, prostate, uterus –  and identify warning signs before symptoms or disease develop. That’s the power of prevention.

Minimise appointments and waiting time

You are “plugged into” an annual executive health check assessment, giving you an effective system for ongoing health maintenance with minimal disruption to your busy schedule. Referrals are to the best specialists when you need them.

Health management for life

You are encouraged to see the same doctor each year so there is an opportunity to build an ongoing relationship. Many executives continue to see us privately after they have left a company because they value the system and the relationship.

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What are you waiting for? Age with vitality!

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