Pre Employment Medicals

Pre-employment medicals

As experts in health risk assessment and management our client group is the business community.

Our clinicians are Specialists and GP physicians, exercise physiologists, dieticians, nutritionists, personal trainers and psychologists.

You can choose a standard pre-employment package or design your own bespoke pre-employment medical package. You can select from:

  • Pre-employment functional musculoskeletal assessment – core stability, flexibility, aerobic fitness, strength, working in closed environment and other special assessment needs
  • Pre-employment medical assessment typically involving  – a physical examination, blood testing and any other investigations as required by the client
  • Psychometric testing and mental health screening – performed by a psychologist
  • Drug and alcohol testing and interpretation
  • Biochemical testing including: cholesterol and blood sugar profile, liver and kidney function, full blood count, thyroid function, prostate blood test and urine analysis.  Note: Other blood tests can be arranged depending upon corporate needs
  • Hearing and lung function screening
  • Visual assessments including colour vision and distance vision
  • Baseline and periodic health screening for employees
  • Full cardiological risk assessment and evaluation including – exercise stress testing, ankle brachial index assessment and traditional risk factor analysis
  • V-Scan ultasound imaging of heart and abdominal organs: liver, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, aorta, and bladder, uterus and ovaries in women and prostate in men

Multidisciplinary management

We can also offer tailored solutions including multidisciplinary management of:

  • Complex health issues
  • Psychosocial assessment and intervention
  • Early risk assessment and management

Do you have unique requirements?

That’s fine. Just give us a call on 9290 3259 to discuss your needs. Together we can develop a bespoke pre-employment package to meet your company’s unique requirements.