In the words of our clients (and with their permission)

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Executive Medicine for any CEOs seeking to add value to their employees and endeavouring to retain them at peak performance.

My executive staff and I have been seeing Dr John Cummins and his predecessor, Dr Adrian Burton, for executive health assessment and management for a period of 18 years.

We have found their service to be excellent, their knowledge to be exemplary, and their pragmatic approach to good quality medicine has been valued highly by the staff at Leighton, which reflects on our company’s culture of caring for our employees. Their whole approach addresses the prevention of disease rather than dealing with a major health crisis once it has occurred.”

Wal King, AO

I’d like to thank Dr Cummins and the Executive Medicine team.  Following a health assessment in 2013 I committed to a new eating and exercise plan devised by Dr John to correct the “bachelor diet” which I had fallen into.

12 months later I was assessed again and had lost 9 kilos. I’m feeling great and plenty of people have given me compliments.

Most importantly my LDL cholesterol fell from 4.2 to 2.6 reducing the risk of future heart attack by 45%.

Brent Clark

It was great to meet you and the team last week. The health assessment has been a very positive experience for me personally, so thank you. I’m sure anyone who values good health would benefit from the experience.

Sascha Christopherson, Picture Editor, Australian Women’s Health

“I recently undertook a health assessment with Dr Cummins. I am aged 65 and keep in good health. My problem is more related to “overdoing”. After I failed the stress test the first time, I had some further cardio checks and a follow up stress test.

The further test has given me clear targets and boundaries for my health activities to keep me both fit and healthy but also safe.

I appreciated the care when my condition was first diagnosed. My safety was the only focus. The follow up and later testing was both thorough, caring and complete.

I feel confident that I can now maintain my health within safe boundaries and have a history at my general health doctor at Executive Health to keep a watchful eye over my future wellbeing.”

Rudi Selles

I have been having an annual medical with Executive Medicine for 20 years or so.

Despite never having any symptoms, due to the risk management approach, it was discovered eight years ago that I had more plaque in my coronary arteries than would have been predicted through the traditional risk factors.

I was referred to an excellent cardiologist, Dr. Antony Lau, and was monitored closely. Last year I had a stent inserted into in my coronary artery (which was tightly obstructed) thus avoiding a heart attack. This is the whole purpose of having my annual health checks, for which I am grateful.

Even though I was so surprised that I had no symptoms of the tight artery narrowing (now resolved) it has been pointed out to me by Dr. Cummins and Dr. Lau that in fact 68% of men and 48% of women won’t have any warning symptoms before their heart attack or stroke.

Prevention really works.

Jim McCann

Thank you so much for giving me the full health check on Monday. I found your service and consultation very friendly and ultra professional. As discussed I’ve been meaning to do a comprehensive health check for years!

It’s amazing as you say to know that you are healthy as opposed to thinking and hoping you are. I’m surprised that I actually feel very assured with this new knowledge and it has given me a lot of peace of mind that I didn’t realise was going on in the background of my thinking.

I’ve also talked about your service in my team meeting and forwarded your website to all my 20 staff saying that I couldn’t recommend your service any more highly and that they should all make an appointment with you!

Thanks again. I’m looking forward to sorting out my diet and cardio fitness and to my next checkup next year!

Simon Dawe, Commonwealth Bank, Infrastructure Programme Manager

“I began having Executive Health Assessments when I realised I took better care of my car than I did of my own body! I got my car serviced regularly, but I only went to the doctor when I was sick. And it was often a different doctor each time, so none of them really got to know me.

The first difference you notice about an Executive Health Assessment is that the doctor does want to know you. They don’t rush through – you are with them for around 90 minutes, so there’s no hurry. The doctor determines what I call the “health frontiers” facing you at the time. These will depend on your age and your past history, as well as your current lifestyle.

When I started I was overweight, smoked, drank too much and didn’t exercise enough. My high cholesterol level was targeted, initially with changes in diet, but subsequently through medication. From a high of 6.9 it is now 4.1 – a much better number. Two years ago I agreed to have a colonoscopy; a polyp that could have become something more sinister was discovered and removed during the simple procedure. I’m currently working on my weight, with a reduction of 7 kgs over the past two years.

Having an Executive Health Assessment does not guarantee good health. But it is a sensible move that puts the odds in your favour. It also inspires you to get involved in the management of your health.”

Graeme Smith, Executive Director, Ability Research Centre

“I have been seeing Dr John Cummins for my health management for the last 3 years. During that time Dr Cummins discovered a partially blocked coronary artery and also a significant polyp in my colon, which if left unchecked, certainly had a high risk of turning into a malignant polyp. I had no symptoms. It was because of Dr Cummins’ focus on prevention and screening that these issues were found and medically treated very early.

I operate an international health insurance company so am well-versed in the benefits of prevention, screening and early intervention and have no hesitation in recommending Dr Cummins’ practice for prevention and the early detection of serious life-threatening illnesses.”

John Braithwaite, Managing Director, Australian Health Insurance

“Just wish to report back to you on the outcome of your proactive recommendation to undertake an CT Plaque and Angiogram scan discussed during my recent annual executive medical.

By following your recommendation it was discovered I had several blockages in my arteries in my heart which have now been rectified, thus avoiding a potential heart attack. As you know from my history I have undertaken executive medicals for 25 years as a preventative measure against medical problems. It is great to think this has paid off and only emphasises the benefit of regular executive check ups.

Thank you for your foresight and proactive style of health management which has given me the chance to rectify a problem before it became life threatening. Keep up the good work.”

Neil Couper, Managing Director, Calcoup Knitwear

“I have had over 25 years experience with executive health programs, both as a patient and as the leader of large organisations using such services for executive staff. For the whole of that period I have personally participated in the program initially provided by Dr Adrian Burton and more recently by Dr John Cummins.

My experience has convinced me of the significant benefits of the program, both for the formulation and management of preventative health strategies and for the early detection of potentially serious issues.

Critical to the success of the program is a highly personalised approach and relaxed environment. I would highly commend the value of the program.”

Paul Jeans, retired BHP senior executive

Dr Cummins gave a talk to the NSW Bar Association.

“We were very impressed. We will be hoping to do it all again at some stage next year and maybe tweak the concept of a health week a little bit. We would love to have you back if you would come.”

Travis Drummond, NSW Bar Association