Health assessments

Will you have exceptional health in your 80’s?

Health Check Quiz Take the 2-minute quiz below and see how your health balance sheet is looking at the financial year end. * BMI: is your weight in kgs divided by your height in metres2 ** Grip Strength: While we do measure this on our clients, we don’t do this universally. If you can’t recall …

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Why we use V-Scan

Exciting new health assessment technology enables you to know, not just hope, you are healthy inside and out. A portable handheld ultrasound scanner, the V-Scan allows us to screen your internal organ systems so we can check for warning signs of cancer, heart attack and stroke before symptoms appear in a blood test or during …

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The importance of health

Dr Anthony Virtue, Managing Director of Virtue & Partners, talks with Dr John Cummins on the importance of looking after your health for corporate employees and individuals. Transcript of Interview Tony Virtue: Greetings, as part of our series introducing key friends and colleagues, I’m very proud and privileged to introduce Dr. John Cummins to you …

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Ageing with vitality

Ageing with vitality – that’s our goal for you. We want you to get to at least 85 without any chronic illness, full of vitality, functioning 20 to 30 years your junior and getting the best out of life. That’s why we offer comprehensive health assessments specifically targetted for each decade of your life. And, …

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