Free eBook: The Stress Epidemic: Effective Management Strategies You Can Use

35% of Australians reported ‘significant’ levels of stress in their lives. 26% said they had elevated anxiety, and 26% reported having moderate-to-extreme depressive symptoms. Is this you?

Stress can have a profound impact on our daily lives, health and work. In fact, Australia is following the trend of many other countries, where work stress and burnout is replacing more ‘traditional’ occupational illnesses.

Coping with stress can mean more than simply reducing stress to a more neutral level. Knowing what happens to your body under stress, having a plan to reduce it and having some positive practices in your life can improve mental health and wellbeing so that you are in a state of ‘surplus’ rather than ‘deficit’.

Download this free eBook today to learn about what ‘stress’ is, what causes it, some of the effects it can have on your health, and what you can do to manage it.

In this eBook, you’ll learn about:

  • Identifying Stress
  • What stress does to the body
  • Comparing a calm body to a stressed one
  • Stress prevention plan
  • How to build mental hardiness
  • Building a new body & mind
  • Stress busters

The cumulative effect of chronic, ongoing stress can lead to a lot of wear and tear on the body unless we make the change. Download this free eBook today to find out more.