Take control of your wellbeing with a full health check

Do you feel like you’re the most productive and energised you could possibly be? Do you ever worry about the toll your work or lifestyle has had on your body, or ‘what’s happening inside’?

Imagine the relief of knowing, rather than assuming, you are healthy…

With the pace of modern life, individuals who have a successful career and busy personal life, find it’s all too common for health to be sacrificed as a result. When we’re short on time, exercise is one of the first things that stops, home cooked meals are replaced with take-away food, and stress relief comes in the form alcohol or cigarettes.

Keeping yourself in peak physical and mental health is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, both professionally and personally. You’ll be amazed at the flow-on effect it will have on all areas of your life.

Did you know?

Males who regularly get an annual health check live 13 years longer than the average life expectancy, and females who do the same live seven years longer on average.

Since 2004, Executive Medicine has:

  • Examined over 15,000 men and women aged 25 – 90 ( average age 40 – 60s)
  • Of all our clients:
    1. Only 1 minor heart attack – fully recovered, aged mid-80s
    2. Only 2 strokes – 1 fully recovered
    3. Numerous cases of heart attacks avoided with pre-emptive therapy and referrals to tops specialists
    4. Numerous cases of early cancer (prostate, breast, oesophagus and thyroid) with life-saving curative early treatment prevented 1 heart attack. This patient has now totally recovered.
  • Mortality rate of 0.0001 % in current actively engaged clients

Don’t wait until it’s too late, book a health check today.

A full health check is the best personal investment you can make.

Why get a full health check?

A health assessment from Executive Medicine is much more than just a quick physical check-up. An assessment will allow you to:

  • Access your physician year-round by phone, email or face to face when unexpected things crop up
  • Have your health risk fully managed year-round by our team to mitigate your risk and become “younger as you age”. Your health is a partnership between you and your team at Executive Medicine