Medical concierge


Helping you navigate the health care system when faced with critical illness.

Executive Medicine offers consultations to assist people navigating the heath care system with critical illness.

Below you’ll find a note from Executive Medicine CEO, Dr John Cummins.

“Recently, I was contacted by a regular client of mine whose close family member was diagnosed with an advanced cancer. Clearly the family was in crisis. The client requested that I form part of the family members team by helping them navigate the healthcare system in finding her the best possible chance for cure.

I became involved in researching the particular illness, I accompanied the family member to 2 specialist appointments and debriefed with her and her family on the outcome of those appointments particularly in terms of translating the medical jargon into layperson’s language. I also probed and asked the medical specialists appropriate questions during the consultations in terms of pathways to care.

I researched the topic of the particular cancer to provide the most up-to-date knowledge possible, and liaised with other experts in the field nationally on the particular cancer. I debriefed back to the family.

What this was able to do was to ultimately provide the family with an expert level of reassurance that the family member was seeing the best person in Australia for the condition, and having the best possible treatment with the best possible investigations and therefore the best possible chance of cure.

Two years down the track, the family member is still in remission.”

If you are experiencing a health issue and would like further advice and support, Executive Medicine can help.

Please reach out to us using our contact page to arrange a consultation.

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