Building a New Body and Mind: How to Release Stress / Executive Medicine

Building a New Body and Mind: How to Release Stress

While external stress and demands are largely unavoidable in modern life, most don’t realise how effectively one can build mental strength to help you to more effectively manage it. Stress is a natural response to pressure, such as when you feel you must meet the expectations of yourself, others or situations. Common causes of stress …

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Top 10 Tips on How to Reduce Stress / Executive Medicine

Top 10 Tips on How to Reduce Stress

Stress occurs when you experience an imbalance between demands made on you, and your ability to cope with them. If you experience ongoing stress, for example in your job or from just keeping up with the demands of busy family life, it’s important for your health to manage it. Here’s how you can reduce stress …

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The Warning Signs of Burnout and Strategies to Beat It / Executive Medicine

The Warning Signs of Burnout and Strategies to Beat It

Burnout is what happens when ongoing or chronic stress leads to detachment, exhaustion, and an inability to function. While anyone can experience burnout, it often tends to happen to high achievers and workaholics – people who push themselves hard in life. Signs of burnout While we all get stressed at times, there are signs that …

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The importance of health for women

I was asked yesterday by SBS news to comment on a press release by Health and Sports Minister Sussan Ley which was encouraging working Australian women to exercise more. Currently, only four in ten women in Australia exercise for at least the recommended 150 minutes a week, be that by walking or some other mode …

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Flexibility – The Importance of Stretching

The Importance of Stretching Are you primarily sedentary, middle-aged or elderly? If so, you could be affected by the range of motion of your joints. Simple tasks such as bending down or reaching overhead may be difficult for you, and little do you know that your risk of injury is increased. Now, most individuals know …

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150 minutes of exercise is all it takes

Exercise ought to be an essential part of your routine. Performing an accumulated 150 minutes of exercise throughout the week can improve; Blood sugar levels Body composition Cardiorespiratory fitness Muscular strength and function Stress levels Travel and Exercise During my time at Executive Medicine I have had many successful individuals outline their exercise routines with …

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The Effect of Stress on Your Body

Let’s look at the effects of stress on the body Each of us have a different threshold for feeling “stressed” yet most would agree it is not a comfortable feeling. While we may think we “know” when we are stressed, this is not always the case.                 An …

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YOGA OR PILATES? Regular gym goers who only concentrate on weights and cardio will, especially as they get older, come to realise that they must introduce strategies to improve flexibility, lengthen muscle and thus prevent soft tissue injuries – which are all common to the older athlete. Both Pilates and Yoga are common to achieve …

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Weight loss … keep it simple

Do you struggle with losing weight? How many of us (myself included) have struggled with losing weight and keeping it off? If you believe the media, it’s very difficult to do. Rule #1 – Don’t believe the media!   I get very inspired by our clients. It’s not uncommon to see at least one person …

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