What we do

Prioritise your health with a complete health assessment

At Executive Medicine, we provide you with an individualised, in-depth picture of your health and overall wellbeing, as well as an action plan to improve your health and vitality.

And we do it in less than a day.

Our comprehensive Executive Medicine program is tailored to you and the organisation you work for. When your busy work life demands a detailed yet time efficient experience, our physicians deliver.

Your complete health assessment comes with unequalled expertise and personal attention, so you and your team can achieve and sustain optimal health and wellbeing.

We emphasize the power of optimal health and energy through:

  • Evaluation and guiding improvement in fitness
  • Proven nutritional principles
  • Attention to your psychological state, reliance and coping strategies.

Most people take their health for granted, until it’s too late.

A complete health assessment will detect and treat diseases in their earliest stages before major problems develop

What happens during your health assessment?

During your 1-2 hour visit, you will meet with an expert medical physician, and a lifestyle coach/exercise physiologist who have all had specialised training in optimising the health and wellbeing of active, busy people.

Unlike a visit with your GP, your Executive Medicine session provides you with ample time to be fully checked by our team and have a detailed discussion about your health. We will deliver a tailored roadmap for the next 12 months, aimed at making steady and achievable improvements to your health.

By the end of your assessment you will

  • Have a detailed report about your current state of health
  • Know which areas of your health are fine and what you don’t need to concern yourself over
  • Know which areas of your health need improving, and why
  • Know the action steps you need to take to become healthier and experience more energy, vitality and enjoyment in your life
  • Feel more confident regarding your present health status. Knowledge gives you peace of mind.
  • Have a confirmed booking for your next appointment.

After your assessment

After your health assessment has been completed, you will receive a detailed medical report from your Executive Medicine team. This will objectively outline and benchmark your current health status, as well as provide actionable recommendations to go to the next step and make improvements in your health.

In the 12 months after your assessment, you will have:

  • Face to face access to your personal health physicians and wellness professionals whenever you need them
  • Telephone and email consultations, including ongoing prescription provisions, at no extra cost
  • Access to our wealth of knowledge should you have concerns about the health of a family member