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Imagine knowing, not just assuming, you are healthy

Why Executive Medicine? We keep busy people healthy
We keep busy people healthy

By identifying warning signals before symptoms and disease develop, you reduce your chances of chronic illness.  More

Most disease is preventable
Most disease is preventable

That’s why your annual health check covers coronary risk, cancer screening, stress management, diabetes risk etc. More

Medical Team at Executive Medicine
Health professionals who care

We care about you, your health and your business. That’s why we screen, treat and set targets to improve your health. More

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Managing and investing in health. It just makes sense.

Our goal is to keep you and your business in peak health. That’s why we have affiliates across Australia and New Zealand supporting our delivery of health assessments and corporate health programs.

We know healthy people are productive people. That’s why we offer comprehensive health assessments specifically designed for each decade of life – as well as onsite health services.

As doctors and health professionals who love health and hearts, we offer you a caring practice, high levels of technical competence and excellent service delivery. Importantly, we want to work with you to improve your health.

We would also like an ongoing relationship with you. Experience shows you will get the best health outcomes this way.

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