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Experienced and friendly physicians in Sydney CBD deliver occupational health care and supporting treatments.

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Providing specialist occupational health care for 20+ years for 1000s of clients.

The most productive workers often feel like they are seen and valued in the workplace. While there are several ways to show your employees that you value them, providing them with health-related benefits takes the cake.

This is where occupational health services come into the picture. After all, what better way to communicate value than investing in systems to help make the workplace safer and keep your employees healthy?

Besides, business owners generally have a legal obligation to manage health and safety in the workplace.

At Executive Medicine, we offer entrepreneurs a comprehensive range of occupational health services, from full health assessments to injury prevention and health monitoring.

Our goal is simple — help promote your worker’s health and well-being while improving general workplace safety conditions.

OUR occupational health care SERVICE

Our occupational health care service and suitable testing procedures are delivered in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, regardless of your age, current health status, or medical history.

All our health assessments incorporate blood and urine testing and a physical examination.

Our detailed assessments are perfectly suited to all individuals, but especially individuals with a more complex medical history and who may have more risk factors associated with their health.

The biggest risk factor for illness is age, so the older you are, the more time you will need to have a thorough assessment to meet your needs fully.

Our full health assessments take approximately two hours at our practice, conveniently located in the Grace Hotel, 77 York Street.

You can request to book here.

Dr John Cummins, Founder of Executive Medicine


Here are a few kind words from recent clients of Executive Medicine.

“I had a complete checkup with Executive Medicine and a really fantastic experience with Tim Reus and Dr. John Cummins. They analyze and try to understand all your health concerns and explain everything clearly, showing different possibilities and solutions for what you need most. They take in account your diet, exercise habits, lifestyle, and more and put all that together with your exams to evaluate your condition and point what you need to work to get better results with your health. Strongly recommend Executive Medicine team.”

Dan Takayoshi – Sept. 2023

“Executive Medicine and Dr John Cummins provides a service that should be one that all have available to them. Having an annual check allows for a wholistic and proactive approach to your health and well-being, including early detection of any health issues. The care the team provides is fantastic. Highly recommended.”

Daniel Davis – Nov. 2023

“My organization has used Executive Medicine for our executive fitness assessments, and they were amazing. Truly professional and great communication. We will continue to utilize their services for years to come. I cannot recommend them high enough for health assessments.”

Blair Moses – Dec. 2023

You can verify and read more of our client’s generous reviews on our Google Business page located here.


Let our friendly practice manager call you to talk through our health assessment, and answer any questions you have.

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What are Occupational Health Services?

First, occupational health refers to an aspect of public health that promotes and maintains the highest physical and mental well-being among employees across all occupations and industries.

With occupational health, the objectives cut across two broad points:

  • Helping workers maintain their health and working capacity
  • Improving workplace conditions to ensure it is conducive to employee safety and health

Thankfully, Executive Medicine offers a range of occupational health services that are aimed at helping employers and employees stay healthy and productive throughout the work year. We call this our Corporate Wellness Program.

By creating a comprehensive team of healthcare experts and offering a wide range of healthcare services, we’ve positioned ourselves as a one-stop shop for all workplace-related health needs.

These services focus on addressing occupational hazards, preventing illnesses and injuries at work, and ensuring overall health and safety.

Remember, your organization’s greatest assets are its people. Therefore, investing in your staff is one of the best ways to increase productivity and revenue. In addition, healthier employees mean fewer sick leaves and lower worker compensation expenses.

Components of Occupational Health Services

Our corporate wellness services help enhance employee satisfaction, productivity, and workplace compliance with occupational health and safety regulations. Here are some of the elements of our occupational health service:

Health assessments

Regular and ongoing health assessments are typically the best way to avoid potential illnesses and health risks. By offering businesses periodic health assessments for their employees, we can help identify and manage potential health issues before they become a much more serious problem,

Pre-employment medical examinations

Conducting health assessments for candidates for an open role in your organization can help ensure they are fit and can handle the specific job requirements. It’s also a great way to identify pre-existing health conditions that may affect employee performance or safety as they work.

Injury management and prevention

Occupational health does not stop with the people. Instead, it factors in the condition of the working environment. After all, healthy employees working in unhealthy conditions are a recipe for mass employee sick leaves. We can help your clients identify and assess potential health hazards in the workplace while factoring in physical, ergonomic, and biological factors.

Recommendation of initiatives to promote a healthy lifestyle among employees

We can help create wellness programs that specifically address healthy living among your workers. We recommend prioritising stress management, diet and nutrition, exercise and physical activity, and mental health. We also recommend creating and enforcing proper education and training on workplace safety practices and emergency procedures.

Work fitness assessments

It is also a good idea to stay up-to-date with the health status of your existing employee to ensure they are still fit to carry out their duties. As a result, our occupational health services can focus on evaluating an individual’s physical capabilities concerning their job requirements. This helps prevent injuries and optimizes performance.


Audiometry is a specialized service within occupational healthcare that focuses on assessing and managing hearing-related issues in the workplace. This is particularly important in industries where noise exposure poses a greater risk. By investing in audiometry services, you can help ensure your employees’ auditory health and safety.


Pathology involves studying and diagnosing diseases and conditions that may affect workers in a particular workplace setting. It involves a range of medical tests and screenings to detect and monitor potential workplace health hazards. With pathology, we can help identify occupational illnesses among your employees early, allowing for timely intervention.

Benefits of Occupational Health Services for Employers

While it is generally easy to see how workers can benefit from an organization that invests in occupational health services, the narrative is unclear from the employer’s side. Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy as an employer that prioritizes occupational health:

Reduced costs associated with accidents and incidents

While systems can be implemented to help prevent accidents and keep workers safe, accidents are, unfortunately, a part of life. Therefore, you need to be ready when such incidents happen. By investing in a well-established occupational health system, you can stay ahead of extra expenses like staff compensation claims and hiring costs for securing temporary accommodation while the injured worker recovers.

Remember, reduced claims contribute to lower insurance premiums for you as an employer, translating to direct cost savings over time.

Higher business efficiency

An effective occupational health management system is an excellent way to boost employee productivity and overall business efficiency for several reasons. Here are some of the top ones:

  • Reduces the number of sick leaves your staff has to take
  • Reduces the frequency of temp worker hire and the associated learning curves
  • Helps keep employee morale up
  • Improves your employee retention rate
  • Reduces training costs for new or temporary staff

Therefore, investing in occupational health in your organization can help boost company-wide productivity and increase profits in the long run.

Better public image and PR

The public generally loves organizations with an established occupational health system as it shows that they value their employees and care about their health and safety. Besides, serious health-related incidents that become public can negatively affect your public image, impacting customer trust and more.

Therefore, prioritising occupational health is a great place to start if you want to maintain your competitive advantage in these modern times.

Lower insurance premiums

While setting up a formal occupational health system can be expensive upfront, it is an investment that can yield significant cost savings in the long run. It does this by allowing you to enjoy lower insurance premiums. While insurance premiums are generally compulsory for businesses, providers will typically offer you lower premiums if you can demonstrate that you effectively control risks to your workers on your premises.

Securing Occupational Health Services for Your Workers

Your employees are the most crucial aspect of your business. After all, they directly impact productivity, growth rate, and work efficiency. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to help keep them healthy by providing occupational health services. Besides, there are also several benefits you can enjoy from this investment as a business.

Take advantage of our Corporate Wellness programs today. Reach out to us at Executive Medicine.


What is the role of occupational health services in preventing workplace injuries?

Occupational health services play involves conducting employee health assessments, implementing accident preventive measures, and promoting a safe workplace environment to minimize the likelihood of workplace injuries.

How can occupational health services contribute to employee well-being and overall health?

Occupational health services proactively address health concerns by offering regular health assessments, screenings, and wellness programs, fostering a healthier and more productive workforce.

Are occupational health services only relevant for high-risk industries?

No. Every organization in any industry can benefit from occupational health services as long as you have employees.

Does occupational health services impact employee recovery

Occupational health services help to identify potential health risks, allowing for early intervention and prompt medical treatment, which reduces employee downtime.

Does occupational health services help in regulatory compliance?

Investing in occupational health services can help employers comply with health and safety regulations, reducing the risk of legal action, fines, and reputational damage.


Let our friendly practice manager call you to talk through our health assessment, and answer any questions you have.

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