Create Healthier, Happier Employees.

An organisations greatest asset is its people. Organisations that invest in their people and contribute to their overall state of wellbeing achieve higher revenue growth compared to those that don’t.

Reduce Stress, Tension & Absenteeism.

The Health and Productivity Institute of Australia (HAPIA) report that corporate wellness programs result in decreases in employee sick leave, workers compensation costs and disability costs.

Lower Healthcare Costs. Improved Productivity.

Not only do employees benefit from a corporate wellness program but an organisations bottom line benefits too. The HAPIA reports that for every $1 invested into employee wellbeing returns a saving of $5.81.


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96% of ‘Best Practice’ Australian organisations implemented health
and wellbeing initiatives during the last 12 months.

– The Health & Productivity Institute of Australia


For Employees

Improved health awareness and knowledge

Improved physical and mental wellbeing

Increased energy and vitality

Increased work enjoyment and fulfilment

Improved concentration and productivity

Improved team relationships

For Employers

Improved productivity

Increased creativity and innovation

Improved employee engagement

Improved staff morale

Reduced sickness-related absenteeism

Reduced presenteeism

Increased attraction and retention of staff

Reduced workplace compensation costs

Improved employee relations

Improved corporate image


What do corporate wellness programs offer?

An organisations’ greatest asset is its people. Organisations that invest in their people and contribute to their overall state of wellbeing, achieve higher revenue growth compared to other organisations. Our corporate wellness program gives your employees an insight into their current health and wellness with advice and guidance on how to improve vitality.

What does the Executive Medicine corporate wellness program include?

Prior to arrival employees will provide blood samples where we test for vital organ function, blood glucose, cholesterol and many other important health markers. On the day as you join us at Executive Medicine we’ll provide a coronary risk and heart evaluation, an exercise physiology review, body composition analysis, a full medical examination and a sleep, stress, alcohol and mental health session.

Why are corporate wellness programs important?

Our wellness program through assessment and coaching encourages your employees to adopt and maintain behaviours that improve their health, creating a healthier, happier and more productive workforce. Through our program we’ve seen reduced stress and improved health markers leading to increased productivity, general morale and reported decreases in absenteeism.

Why is wellness so important?

We describe wellness as the active pursuit of living a healthy and fulfilling life. As you age, regular exercise and and sound nutrition will increase vitality and reducing common ailments such as cardiovascular disease, obesity and fall risk behaviours. We’re here to add another 10 years to your life and life to your years.

What makes a successful corporate wellness program?

A successful of a corporate wellness program helps facilitate improved health and wellness to all participants. For Executive Medicine our success is measured on improved health markers, reduced stress, better quality sleep and improvements made in our patients nutrition regime and physical activity. Through our testing and coaching program, we provide the foundations for your employees to increase vitality and better their quality of life. These improvements have proven crossover into their professional lives.

What are the key components of a wellness action plan?

As part of the Executive Medicine corporate program we discuss a range of lifestyle choices such as exercise, sleep and nutrition. Through questioning and coaching, Executive Medicine advise your employees on where improvements can be made and offer follow up support.

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