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Experienced and friendly physicians in Sydney CBD deliver pre-employment medicals and supporting treatments.

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Providing specialist pre-employment health care for 20+ years for 1000s of clients.

Every business is only as strong as its team of employees. Therefore, it is an excellent idea for employees to conduct medical screenings on potential hires before adding them to the workforce.

By conducting comprehensive medical checks on potential employees, you ensure they are fit enough to work in your specific work environment. 

In addition, pre-employment medical screenings can help identify potential risks for new hires and protect them from harmful work environments.

Thankfully, partnering with a healthcare provider like Executive Medicine provides you access to expert pre-employment medical screening services and a clear path to making informed decisions before bringing a new employee on board.

OUR pre-employment medical SERVICE

Our pre-employment medical service and supporting testing procedures are delivered in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, regardless of your age, current health status, or medical history.

All our health assessments incorporate blood and urine testing and a physical examination.

Our detailed assessments are perfectly suited to all individuals, but especially individuals with a more complex medical history and who may have more risk factors associated with their health.

The biggest risk factor for illness is age, so the older you are, the more time you will need to have a thorough assessment to meet your needs fully.

Our full health assessments take approximately two hours at our practice, conveniently located in the Grace Hotel, 77 York Street.

You can request to book here.

Dr John Cummins, Founder of Executive Medicine


Here are a few kind words from recent clients of Executive Medicine.

“I had a complete checkup with Executive Medicine and a really fantastic experience with Tim Reus and Dr. John Cummins. They analyze and try to understand all your health concerns and explain everything clearly, showing different possibilities and solutions for what you need most. They take in account your diet, exercise habits, lifestyle, and more and put all that together with your exams to evaluate your condition and point what you need to work to get better results with your health. Strongly recommend Executive Medicine team.”

Dan Takayoshi – Sept. 2023

“Executive Medicine and Dr John Cummins provides a service that should be one that all have available to them. Having an annual check allows for a wholistic and proactive approach to your health and well-being, including early detection of any health issues. The care the team provides is fantastic. Highly recommended.”

Daniel Davis – Nov. 2023

“My organization has used Executive Medicine for our executive fitness assessments, and they were amazing. Truly professional and great communication. We will continue to utilize their services for years to come. I cannot recommend them high enough for health assessments.”

Blair Moses – Dec. 2023

You can verify and read more of our client’s generous reviews on our Google Business page located here.


Let our friendly practice manager call you to talk through our health assessment, and answer any questions you have.

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What Does Pre-employment Medicals Mean?

Pre-employment medicals refer to a series of medical examinations that assess prospective employees’ mental and physical fitness, ensuring they can carry out their required duties efficiently. These medical assessments also help ensure that potential hires do not pose a health risk to themselves or others within their primary places of assignment.

As an employer, prioritizing pre-employment medicals can help you prevent potential health and legal issues that may arise due to one medical reason or another. 

The excellent news is Executive Medicine is located centrally in Sydney. So, you don’t have to worry about the distance or your prospective employees travelling long distances to come in for medical tests and examinations.

What to Expect During Pre-Employment Medicals

While various healthcare providers have unique processes for conducting pre-employment medical examinations, ours is streamlined to make the proceedings as seamless as possible. 

Here’s what to expect during pre-employment medical examinations at Executive Medicine:

A health questionnaire

We’ll typically ask candidates for a pre-employment medical exam to complete a detailed health history questionnaire. This form typically collects information about pre-existing medical conditions, allergies, medications, surgeries, and previous injuries.

Physical examination

We’ll also conduct a comprehensive physical examination to assess general health. This may include measurements of height, weight, blood pressure, and a check of vital signs. We may also evaluate the candidate’s mobility, joint flexibility, and overall physical condition depending on the industry or job requirements.

Vision and hearing checks

Candidates will also typically undergo vision and hearing tests to ensure they meet the job’s sensory requirements. These tests may involve reading an eye chart, assessing depth perception, and hearing assessments.

Blood tests and Urinalysis

Our pre-employment medical screening also involves taking blood and urine samples to assess various health indicators, such as cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, and liver function. These tests may also help detect conditions such as diabetes, kidney disorders, and substance abuse.

Mental Health Evaluation

Finally, we also conduct a brief mental health evaluation to assess stress tolerance, cognitive abilities, and emotional well-being. This typically involves answering questions about mental health history and current stress levels.

Naturally, we treat the results of our pre-employment medical examination with confidentiality, and employers use the information to ensure that candidates are fit for the specific demands of the position without compromising safety or health in the workplace.

Are Pre-Employment Medical Examinations Necessary?

Employers carry out pre-employment medical examinations for several reasons. While most of these reasons aim to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of prospective employees and the workplace environment, there’s more. 

Here are some of the key reasons why employers conduct pre-employment medical examinations:

Job suitability

This is arguably the most obvious one. Employers need to assess prospective employees’ health and physical capabilities to ensure they can handle the specific demands of the job. This is particularly important in roles that require physical strength, manual handling, or other job-specific requirements.

Occupational health and safety

Occupational health and safety regulations generally require creating a safe workplace for employees. Therefore, by carrying out pre-employment medical examinations, you can create a safe working environment by identifying any health conditions or concerns that could pose risks to prospective employees or others.

Reducing workplace injuries

Identifying any pre-existing conditions or physical limitations can help employers prevent workplace injuries by recognizing unique employee limitations or risks. This is particularly important in industries with potential hazards.

Insurance purposes

Depending on their specific insurance provider, employers may need to present evidence of pre-employment medical examinations before getting insurance coverage. A healthier workforce and a safe working environment can help secure more favourable insurance terms for both parties.

Accommodations and adjustments

Understanding employees’ health status allows employers to make necessary accommodations or adjustments to the workplace, ensuring that individuals with specific health conditions can perform their duties effectively and safely.

Legal compliance

Finally, prioritizing pre-employment medical examinations may require complying with relevant employment laws and regulations in your region. It can also help protect you as an employer from potential legal issues related to workplace safety and health.

Securing Pre-employment Medical Examinations in Sydney

Pre-employment medical examinations are a proactive measure taken by employers to safeguard the health and safety of employees, promote a secure working environment, and ensure compliance with legal and industry standards.

At Executive Medicine, we offer employers a comprehensive range of pre-employment medical assessments to ensure you can make accurate and informed decisions regarding your prospective employees.


Why should employers carry out pre-employment medical examinations?

Pre-employment medicals help employers ensure prospective employees are physically and mentally fit to fulfil their job requirements. They help reduce the risk of workplace accidents and promote a safe working environment.

What happens if a candidate fails a pre-employment medical examination?

The employer may reconsider the candidate’s suitability for the role, depending on the nature of the health concern. Adjustments may be made to accommodate some conditions.

Are pre-employment medical examination results confidential?

We treat medical information, including pre-employment medical examination results, with confidentiality.

Do all jobs require pre-employment medical examinations?

Not all jobs require these exams. They are typically implemented for positions involving physical labour, safety-sensitive roles, or where specific health requirements are crucial for job performance.

Can a candidate refuse to undergo a pre-employment medical examination?

Candidates may choose not to undergo the assessment. However, it may impact their eligibility for the job, as employers use this information to evaluate their fitness for the role.


Let our friendly practice manager call you to talk through our health assessment, and answer any questions you have.

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