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Providing integrative health care for 20+ years for 1000s of clients.

When you choose Executive Medicine, you choose a partnership that puts your health at the centre. Our integrative doctors in Sydney bring together the best of conventional medicine and proven alternative therapies tailored specifically to you.

We listen to your story, assess your health comprehensively, and pinpoint the root causes of any issues. This deep dive into your health allows us to craft a care plan that’s uniquely yours, blending medical expertise with holistic therapies.

Our focus? Empowering you with care that addresses your immediate concerns and fosters long-term wellness.

Your journey to optimal health deserves a strategy as unique as you are. Our integrative approach gives you a personalised path to feeling your best, supported by a team committed to your holistic well-being.


Our full health assessment service is the integrated care you’ve been seeking. Tailored to treat your unique condition, this service combines the precision of conventional medical diagnostics with a more holistic approach.

From the moment you step into our clinic, we focus on you—your health history, your lifestyle, and your wellness goals.

Our comprehensive assessment meticulously examines every aspect of your health to identify the symptoms — and, more importantly, the underlying causes of any health concerns.

Then, we craft a personalised care plan that integrates the most effective treatments and strategies and supports your journey toward optimal health.

This assessment allows you to experience healthcare that genuinely understands and addresses your needs, offering a pathway to lasting well-being.

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Dr John Cummins, Founder of Executive Medicine


Here are a few kind words from recent clients of Executive Medicine.

“I had a complete checkup with Executive Medicine and a really fantastic experience with Tim Reus and Dr. John Cummins. They analyze and try to understand all your health concerns and explain everything clearly, showing different possibilities and solutions for what you need most. They take in account your diet, exercise habits, lifestyle, and more and put all that together with your exams to evaluate your condition and point what you need to work to get better results with your health. Strongly recommend Executive Medicine team.”

Dan Takayoshi – Sept. 2023

“Executive Medicine and Dr John Cummins provides a service that should be one that all have available to them. Having an annual check allows for a wholistic and proactive approach to your health and well-being, including early detection of any health issues. The care the team provides is fantastic. Highly recommended.”

Daniel Davis – Nov. 2023

“My organization has used Executive Medicine for our executive fitness assessments, and they were amazing. Truly professional and great communication. We will continue to utilize their services for years to come. I cannot recommend them high enough for health assessments.”

Blair Moses – Dec. 2023

You can verify and read more of our client’s generous reviews on our Google Business page located here.


Let our friendly practice manager call you to talk through our health assessment, and answer any questions you have.

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Our approach to integrative health care is life-changing if you are:

Frustrated with repeated health issues: do you face recurring issues despite following your doctor’s advice? Maybe the migraines return despite taking painkillers, or digestive distress doesn’t improve even with diet changes. That signals a need to dig deeper and uncover the unresolved root cause.

Managing chronic conditions: conditions like pain syndromes, fibromyalgia, autoimmune issues, IBS, and even persistent allergies often need more than standard pharmaceutical fixes. An integrative approach offers multi-faceted support to find relief where single avenues have failed.

Worn down by stress: if the demands of life leave you feeling emotionally depleted, physically distressed, and susceptible to every bug coming your way, it’s your body signalling that stress management is non-negotiable. We prioritise finding tools tailored to your needs, not just prescribing a pill.

Ready to take charge: you understand that your choices shape your well-being. You’re craving temporary fixes — and at the same time, you want an understanding of how lifestyle shifts support the body’s ability to heal.

Investing in wellness, not just illness management: integrative medicine helps create a prevention blueprint. It pinpoints hidden vulnerabilities before they snowball into significant problems and optimises existing wellness plans.


Think of integrative medicine as a toolbox versus a single-tool solution. Traditional medicine excels at swiftly handling immediate, acute concerns. Those rapid diagnostics and treatments overlook hidden root causes — especially when managing long-term health issues.

However, integrative care shifts the perspective, seeing the body as an interconnected system.

It recognises that an imbalance in one area—think gut health, chronic stress, or even profoundly unresolved emotional patterns—can throw the entire system off balance and manifest as physical or mental health concerns.

This holistic view goes beyond chasing individual symptoms or lab values; it investigates the entire landscape of your well-being.

What might seem like unrelated issues to a traditional doctor may suddenly make sense when considering the whole picture.

Maybe those headaches aren’t just migraines but indicators of inflammation triggered by diet. Or perhaps that lingering fatigue points to unresolved stress alongside a nutritional deficiency.

Understanding these nuanced connections allows for a more effective and often lasting solution. This individualised approach means exploring everything from your medical history and current physical challenges, including your sleep habits, exercise levels, relationships, and overall sense of purpose.

Through this thorough investigation, the integrative approach becomes a powerful tool for unravelling the complex factors holding you back from vibrant health.


Imagine your healthcare shifting from a passive experience to an active collaboration. We see you as an informed partner on your health journey, not merely a patient to be “fixed.”  

We value your firsthand experience of your body and how your health plays out in your everyday life.

This dynamic opens the door to more in-depth conversations. We actively listen to your complete story – the symptoms, your worries, past experiences with care, and what you truly hope to achieve for your health.

There’s no rush, only mindful attention to uncover what you may have overlooked.

You’re encouraged to ask questions and discuss what treatment paths feel right for you. You get transparent explanations on how various options would support your needs.

Information empowers choice. You gain agency over your healthcare rather than relying solely on your doctor to dictate every step.

While we bring a wealth of medical knowledge and experience, this relationship honours your body’s innate wisdom. Your feedback and observations help guide the evolution of your health journey.

That builds vital skills – how to tune into your body’s signals, understand test results, and advocate for the care best suited to your unique needs.


Our integrated healthcare helps you:

Find peace with your digestive system: our nutrition advice identifies your unique triggers and uses food as medicine—finally, relief from IBS flare-ups and the freedom to eat without fear.

Find a peaceful mind & recharged body: stress-busting tools like mindfulness practices are designed to fit seamlessly into your day. Experience newfound energy and the mental resilience you haven’t felt in years.

Build strength from the ground up: Recommended supplements fill your body’s gaps, supercharging your healing process. You rediscover vitality and strength tailored to your body’s specific needs.

Feel monumental shifts with simple changes: guided on how to sleep soundly, you find joyful movement and manage stress, so they’re habits, not a struggle. This sets you on a path of health that isn’t just temporary but a foundation you keep building from.

Forget chasing symptoms, struggling alone, and feeling your body letting you down. Executive Medicine is where true well-being begins. Let us build your personalised plan for thriving health – body, mind, and spirit with our integrative medicine.

Age strong, feel vibrant and thrive at work.


I’m worried integrative medicine will conflict with my current medications, is it safe?

Your integrative doctor carefully reviews all your current medications and supplements to identify potential interactions or redundancies. Our plan always considers and prioritises your overall safety, often working with your regular doctor if required.

Is integrative medicine the same as alternative or complementary medicine?

There’s overlap, but a key difference is the focus of an integrative practitioner. We use an evidence-based approach informed by science, often weaving in the best of alternative and complementary therapies as necessary alongside proven conventional options.

How long does it take to see results with integrative care?

The speed of results varies as everyone’s health journey is unique. Some improvements happen almost immediately (like through dietary changes), while more profound healing can take sustained effort. With chronic conditions, you start to see positive shifts within weeks or months, steadily building lasting momentum. Talk to us. Let us help you!

Can integrative medicine help with mental health conditions like anxiety or depression?

Absolutely! An integrative approach recognises the mind-body connection and aims to target underlying anxieties and depression by investigating potential factors like nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and inflammation. It supports natural calming mechanisms within the body alongside tailored lifestyle practices to offer practical, multi-level mental health support.

I’m concerned about the cost. Is integrative medicine affordable?

This varies based on your needs and recommended plan. Some integrative clinics, like ours, prioritise patient accessibility. Upfront pricing transparency and insurance options (where applicable) can help address costs. At the same time, it might seem like a hefty cost, but remember that proactive healthcare can save you money in the long run due to reduced symptoms and increased well-being.


Let our friendly practice manager call you to talk through our health assessment, and answer any questions you have.

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