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Providing functional medicine health care for 20+ years for 1000s of clients.

Have you ever left a doctor’s appointment feeling your concerns weren’t fully addressed? While GPs are vital for acute care, the rushed format might leave you looking for a deeper understanding of your health. 

That’s where our functional medicine approach focuses on—uncovering the root causes behind your symptoms, not merely managing them.

This thorough investigative process allows us to see the interconnectedness of your health history, lifestyle, and current challenges. Together, we go beneath the surface issues, pinpointing factors often missed in standard checkups.

Your personalised wellness plan isn’t a one-size-fits-all template. It’s a collaborative action plan with evidence-based strategies to address your chronic health issues for optimal health and well-being.


Our full health assessment service is the functional care you’ve been seeking. Tailored to treat your unique condition, this service combines the precision of conventional medical diagnostics with a more holistic and functional approach.

From the moment you step into our clinic, we focus on you—your health history, your lifestyle, and your wellness goals.

Our comprehensive assessment meticulously examines every aspect of your health to identify the symptoms — and, more importantly, the underlying causes of any health concerns.

Then, we craft a personalised care plan that integrates the most effective treatments and strategies and supports your journey toward optimal health.

This assessment allows you to experience healthcare that genuinely understands and addresses your needs, offering a pathway to lasting well-being.

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Dr John Cummins, Founder of Executive Medicine


Here are a few kind words from recent clients of Executive Medicine.

“I had a complete checkup with Executive Medicine and a really fantastic experience with Tim Reus and Dr. John Cummins. They analyze and try to understand all your health concerns and explain everything clearly, showing different possibilities and solutions for what you need most. They take in account your diet, exercise habits, lifestyle, and more and put all that together with your exams to evaluate your condition and point what you need to work to get better results with your health. Strongly recommend Executive Medicine team.”

Dan Takayoshi – Sept. 2023

“Executive Medicine and Dr John Cummins provides a service that should be one that all have available to them. Having an annual check allows for a wholistic and proactive approach to your health and well-being, including early detection of any health issues. The care the team provides is fantastic. Highly recommended.”

Daniel Davis – Nov. 2023

“My organization has used Executive Medicine for our executive fitness assessments, and they were amazing. Truly professional and great communication. We will continue to utilize their services for years to come. I cannot recommend them high enough for health assessments.”

Blair Moses – Dec. 2023

You can verify and read more of our client’s generous reviews on our Google Business page located here.


Let our friendly practice manager call you to talk through our health assessment, and answer any questions you have.

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If you’re longing for a healthcare experience that truly sees you and seeks lasting solutions, our comprehensive full health assessment is designed for you. We go far beyond the limitations of standard doctor visits, to help you break free of symptom-chasing and unlock vibrant health. 

Using the power of functional medicine, we investigate the intricate connections between your physical health, mental well-being, and daily life. It uncovers hidden patterns and root causes that often go overlooked, hindering your full recovery.

The invaluable insights gained from this process become the blueprint for a personalized wellness plan. One that empowers you, addressing the very foundations of your health for greater resilience and genuine, lasting vitality.


Our functional medicine advice is for you if you’re:

Frustrated with stubborn health issues: endless doctor visits, yet problems persist. If pills aren’t enough and lifestyle changes fall short, it’s time to uncover what standard care might be missing. 

Battling chronic conditions: pain, autoimmune issues, relentless fatigue… if these rule your life, a functional approach is the life-lasting care you need right now. It addresses the multi-layered causes, offering support where medications often don’t reach, helping reduce reliance on strong fixes.

Worn down by stress: you’re feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, or like your body can’t take it anymore! Instead of just treating symptoms, our functional approaches help you discover root stressors and offer tools designed for your nervous system to restore resilience, not just mask distress.

Ready for a true health transformation: you realize lasting change requires more than quick tips from a doctor. Our assessment becomes your springboard. Learn your true unique needs, grasp a toolbox for support, and gain a partner for building a foundation of true health.

Seeking proactive wellness, not just illness care: our functional medicine is your ally in prevention. Identify weaknesses before they become problems, understand your genetic risks, and optimize the positive choices you’re already making.

more than a doctor

Traditional healthcare system often leaves you feeling unheard and frustrated with treatments that only target the surface of your concerns. 

On the other hand, functional medicine empowers you to take charge of your health journey. Your doctor transforms into a knowledgeable guide to help you deeply understand the interconnectedness of your body and mind.

This collaborative approach prioritizes a deep exploration of your complete health story – the factors influencing your well-being today and your future goals for optimal health. 

Your insights, combined with our expertise, reveal the root causes hindering your vitality and create a clear path toward lasting change.

We believe your voice matters. That’s why we present explanations clearly, empowering you to ask questions and make decisions alongside your doctor.  

Your preferences, beliefs, and what feels possible within your lifestyle are always respected as the plan evolves.

We help you learn how your body talks to you, helping you tune in to those signals in the future. Results are tracked, feedback shapes adjustments, and your growing understanding of your body’s unique needs allows true personalized care.

combine functional medicine and traditional care

Functional medicine doesn’t aim to replace your GP or specialist’s expertise. It expands your care options and deepens the results you achieve through strategic collaboration. 

We ensure any supplements, lifestyle changes, or other therapies are safe and work harmoniously with your current treatment plans.  

Think of this as levelling up your care. You gain access to a broader range of evidence-based strategies to address the specific root causes of your health issues. \

Our functional approach seamlessly integrates with your existing care, ensuring everything works together to achieve optimal health and well-being.


Here are some practical, real-life scenarios where functional medicine combined with our guidance can help you on your way to regaining your health and improving your quality of life:

  • Stubborn fatigue, pain, and digestive issues: functional medicine investigates deeper when standard treatments provide minimal relief. It uncovers triggers, food sensitivities, and hidden imbalances behind these persistent symptoms.
  • Stress-related health problems: functional medicine addresses the far-reaching impact of chronic stress, including anxiety, poor sleep, gut issues, lowered immunity, and more. Understanding your unique stress response, we can recover your mental and physical well-being.
  • Autoimmune conditions: managing the autoimmune disease is complex. Our approach supports reduced inflammation, finds root causes for flare-ups, and aims to stabilize the immune system for long-term relief of symptoms.
  • Mental health concerns: depression, anxiety, and focus issues can have roots in physical imbalances. We investigate nutrient deficiencies, gut health, hormonal changes, and more –  providing a holistic path to better mental well-being.
  • A desire to protect future health: functional assessments offer deep diet, lifestyle, and genetics analysis. Understanding your risk factors creates a personalized preventive care plan to maximize your health for the long term.

Don’t let ongoing health issues control your life. Our functional medicine approach offers the answers and support you’ve been seeking. Schedule a consultation and build a foundation for the vibrant health you crave.


My GP said all my tests were normal. Can functional medicine still help?

Absolutely!  “Normal” ranges are broad, and subtle shifts can have a significant impact. We analyze your results, focusing on optimal health, not just avoiding disease. It often uncovers areas ripe for improvement to prevent future problems.

Do I need to stop seeing my regular doctors?

Not at all! Functional medicine works best in collaboration with your existing healthcare team. Your practitioner will coordinate care, ensuring new strategies don’t conflict with your ongoing treatment plans.

Will functional medicine work if I’m sceptical of alternative therapies?

Yes! While some practitioners use natural modalities, the foundation is evidence-based medicine. Recommendations prioritize proven solutions. It might include conventional medications, targeted supplements, dietary changes, and stress management, all personalized to your needs.

I’ve tried diets, supplements etc. on my own. How is this different?

Functional medicine eliminates the guesswork. Personalized testing reveals your exact needs, ensuring nothing’s wasted. Guidance from a knowledgeable practitioner optimizes how you use these tools, creating synergy for more profound, sustainable results.

Can I use health insurance to cover functional medicine costs?

It varies depending on your plan and the practitioner. When exploring options, always discuss financial policies with the consultant to ensure they align with your needs. Talk to us to learn more.


Let our friendly practice manager call you to talk through our health assessment, and answer any questions you have.

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