Why choose us

The Executive Medicine difference is our promise to you.

Our Promise

Our promise is to provide you the best evidence based medical assessments and  treatments currently available globally to ensure you remain well.

Our Approach

Our approach, in partnership with you, is to combine your annual assessments with touchpoint (an email check in, a phone call, a face to face visit) throughout the year to monitor and continually improve your health – year in, year out. Our aim is that you ‘grow younger’ whilst giving you the best global health care experience.

Our Practice

Our promise is supported by a practice that is owned and led by specialist consultant physician Dr. John Cummins – Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Physicians. This is unique in Australia.

Our practice is staffed by experienced professionals who have worked within Executive Medicine long term who understand your needs best and are dedicated to prevention and client care. That’s what we do best.

We’re open 5 days a week and provide care by both male and female physicians.

Our Innovation

As a leader in the field, we are constantly innovating our service. Our “Australia first” innovations include:

2023 – Wireless Heart Holter Monitor – For arrhythmia detection

2023 – Reaction Time Testing – A measure of central nervous system performance

2021 – Cognitive Score Index – Measuring five domains of cognitive brain functioning

2019 – Tanita body composition – Measuring biological age, muscle fat, bone mass and metabolic markers

2018 – Pharmacogenomic testing

2016 – HRV index measuring – Heart rate reflecting stress levels

2015 – In house Ultrasound Imaging – Initially GE V scan in 2015, superseded by Phillips Lumify

Your Support

We will support and encourage you to be proactive in enhancing your:

Nutritional health

Your exercise habits

Your psychological health and well being habits

As well as ensuring you have your “big ticket” health screening tests when due such as imaging your arteries, colonoscopies etc.

Your Program

We will craft and individualise a program for you that optimises your health over time, aligning your habits with research from the longest living and healthiest cultures throughout the world.


Your experience

By employing only exceptionally qualified staff across all domains of our business, our aspiration is that you will have a great experience – not once, but every visit.

We know the best Specialists in Sydney

Our promise is that we only refer you to the best Specialists in their field – as personally vetted by us.

Innovation and ‘evidence – based’ best practise

Our promise is that we are constantly monitoring our industry for trends and cutting edge innovation which we then incorporate for your benefit. We only select the most robust of technologies e.g. the Lumify Ultrasound.

Same doctor each visit, forever

One client, same one doctor, so we can really understand you, what makes you tick and how to best understand and work with you. This leads to evidence based ‘shared decision making’.

An ‘Open Door’ policy

We will work with you throughout the year as frequently as necessary to: be there when you become unexpectedly unwell, when you  need your family seen, to check in on your stress levels and assist if you are going through a tough time; work with you to reduce your illness risk factors e.g. high blood pressure, cholesterol)…that way we both ensure you are in optimal health.

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