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In these uncertain times, you may be wondering how you can ensure that you and your immune system are in the best physical shape possible, given that you are advised to stay at home and to socially isolate, aside from life’s necessities including your medical appointments (as per Scott Morrison).

Many medical practices are either closed or reducing their services, making access to a senior clinician more difficult – we anticipate that people will jump at the services we offer now.

As clients of ours, we care about your health and want to ensure that you have first access to your trusted clinician at all times – even via the privacy and comfort of your own home.

We, therefore, offer you these options:

Option 1

Have your assessment with us as usual – face to face:

  • Your blood test can be arranged:
    • Via a pathology collection centre, or
    • Taken on the day by myself, or
    • We can arrange for a nurse to visit your home and collect the sample (additional fee $100).
  • With regards to social distancing, the Grace Hotel – as a hotel – has shut its doors for the foreseeable future – it is therefore totally empty. It has no plans to become a quarantine hotel. Basement parking within the hotel is now between $10-$30 all day. There is no human contact within our waiting room and the foyer can also be utilised as a distance space if need be. You could therefore drive in, come to the practice and see virtually no one – except our team members.
  • You will see our exercise physiologist for up to 30 mins and then myself, your Specialist Physician for up to 60 mins, the majority at an appropriate distance.

We are continuing to run these assessments to ensure that you are in your best physical and mental shape. Only last week I diagnosed a new murmur in a regular client that will need cardiological review ASAP and the week before an ovarian cyst again requiring urgent review. One of the other potential benefits is that it can give you a mental break from the routine of your home environment.

Option 2 (Tele-Health)

Your annual health assessment can be performed in 2 stages, 1 remotely.

  • Have your pathology collected (as above).
  • Following this we perform a tele-health conference via Zoom etc. The purpose of this would be to have a virtual ‘face to face’ consultation discussing your: overall health concerns, stress management during this upheaval, any specific physical symptoms of concern, exercise habits and to review your blood test results. For new clients, we would also review your past medical history, current medications, family history etc.
    This will last for approximately 30 mins. Advice and a management plan would be provided and initiated as well as follow-up planning.
  • At some stage within the next 12 months you would complete the check-up by attending for a focused physical assessment to ensure you don’t have conditions diagnosable on examination such as a melanoma, new murmur, enlarged thyroid due to cancer etc. The time spent at Executive Medicine for this would be in the order of 30-45 mins maximum.

This option is proving extremely popular and we may reach capacity quickly, so I would encourage you to book in early!


We can still help with your ongoing health care needs remotely by offering our services such as:

  • Writing prescriptions,
  • Providing referrals, and
  • Offering consultations (on-site or tele-health) for any concerns you may have.

*We may need to institute a small admin fee for the above

For many of our clients, the health checks are more important than ever as part of their health maintenance and for them their health checks are business as usual – in fact, even easier.

As my long-standing client Reg said to me this morning:

“It was so easy – I drove in with no traffic (from the Southern Highlands), I parked in the building for a small fee, caught the elevator up to the first floor, was seen immediately and had all my health concerns covered without seeing barely a soul!”

Please call 02 9390 3259 or email us [email protected] today (before we become over-subscribed) to let us know which preference you have – Option 1, or 2.

About the author

Dr. John Cummins, consultant physician and CEO, specializes in preventative medicine and longevity. With over 30 years of experience, he integrates technology with evidence-based practices to enhance health outcomes.

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