What makes our checkups different?

A check up with Executive Medicine does differ from a check up with a General Practitioner.

Our focus is on the prevention and early detection …

We look for early evidence of illnesses which are the most common causes of all deaths, particularly premature deaths. This means we focus on cardiovascular disease risk assessment (heart attack and stroke) and cancer screening to identify early evidence of disease that is typically silent in its early (and curative) stages.

Appointments are longer so testing can be more thorough

We allocate somewhere between 60 — 120 minutes so that we can really get to know you, your lifestyle, your family history and health risks.

We allow plenty of time to discuss any concerns you have about your health — even if they are minor. It is important to explore your health issues because sometimes the minor symptoms are really markers of a major problem.

We like to take the time to consider your health very carefully.

We are experts in screening and early detection — this is what we do best.

Using our extensive medical equipment, we check you very thoroughly with:

  • Resting and exercise ECG testing
  • Ankle brachial index testing
  • V-Scan ultrasound to screen internal organs
  • Lung function testing

While we are extremely good at picking up diseases very early, we treat ” illness” as well.

When you require a specialist we will refer you to our handpicked network ensuring you receive prompt, quality care to relieve any anxiety you may experience in an expeditious manner.

We assess, report and set targets to improve your health

We want to help you improve your health – not just assess your health.

We provide you with a report outlining our findings and encourage you to keep and add to year-on-year-that way a sudden or subtle change in an already established trend can be picked up very early.

We educate you on how to eat properly, move properly and manage your stress so that these three key parameters of health protection are optimised.

Never forget that 90% of heart attack and stroke risk and 30% of all cancers are related to the health choices and health behaviours that you personally make!

We would like to ensure that you are doing all within your power to minimise your risk if these events happen to you.

For further information please call us on 02 9290 3259.

About the author

Dr. John Cummins, consultant physician and CEO, specializes in preventative medicine and longevity. With over 30 years of experience, he integrates technology with evidence-based practices to enhance health outcomes.

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