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Understanding your cholesterol reading

Your cholesterol reading on your blood test is made up of: good cholesterol (HDL) bad cholesterol (LDL) some other minor lipid particles that are not routinely measured on pathology testing …

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Why have a V-Scan?

A V-Scan helps improve your likelihood of ageing without chronic illness by enabling us to screen your internal organ systems. We can check your internal organs for heart failure, leaking …

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Introducing the V-Scan

V-Scan enables us to screen your internal organs Exciting new health assessment technology enables you to know, not just hope, you are healthy inside and out. We are proud to …

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Ovarian cancer

What EVERY woman NEEDS to know Ovarian cancer is the 6th most common cause of cancer death in women in Australia. 1 in every 100 women will die from this …

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Dr Cummins had the opportunity to take part in the inaugural CEO Cookoff on Monday, February 6th to raise awareness around food security and one of Australia’s major social issues, …

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