heart disease

Stress and the heart

Does stress affect your heart It is often assumed that stress affects the heart and other arteries. Recent studies add further credence to this. Fortunately there are things you can …

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Job strain associated with heart disease

Researchers have found an association between job strain and coronary heart disease. People who experience job strain are 23% more likely to experience a heart attack, compared to people without …

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Is testosterone safe?

Is testosterone safe? Testosterone gives us energy, boosts our muscle mass and bone strength, boosts insulin sensitivity (which is the opposite of diabetes), reduces body fat, and gives us more …

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Views on cholesterol and statins

Views on cholesterol and statin therapy in the recent ABC catalyst programs I have had a number of emails from clients asking my views on a recent two-part program which …

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Why have a V-Scan?

A V-Scan helps improve your likelihood of ageing without chronic illness by enabling us to screen your internal organ systems. We can check your internal organs for heart failure, leaking …

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