Why is exercise so important?

It is important to exercise for at least 150 minutes per week – preferably for an hour a day!

As we become more tied to our desks, chairs and lounges, and spend more time using computers, our physical activity is reducing.

We can develop the office workers body:

  • hunched shoulders
  • no muscle mass
  • a “greyed out” appearance with no sun exposure

One hundred years ago our physical activity was equivalent to walking 12 kms a day more than we do now. No wonder Diabetes is increasing!

A recent article in the Lancet (July 2012) showed that GLOBALLY physical inactivity increased your chances of:

  • Heart attack by 16%
  • Type 2 Diabetes by 20 %
  • Breast cancer by 33%
  • Colon cancer by 32%
  • ‘all causes’ of death by 14%

Lack of physical activity causes almost 10% of premature deaths

So what do you get out of exercising so much, in addition to reduced risk of the above?

1. A better body!

2. A better brain – reduced dementia risk

3. Better bone strength

4. Better state of mind

5. Improved coordination and fewer falls

6. Better overall functional health – you will be PHYSIOLOGICALLY YOUNGER than your stated years!

Written by Dr John Cummins on the 12 October 2012.

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