Why is exercise so important?

It is important to exercise for at least 150 minutes per week – preferably for an hour a day!

As we become more tied to our desks, chairs and lounges, and spend more time using computers, our physical activity is reducing.

We can develop the office workers body:

  • hunched shoulders
  • no muscle mass
  • a “greyed out” appearance with no sun exposure

One hundred years ago our physical activity was equivalent to walking 12 kms a day more than we do now. No wonder Diabetes is increasing!

A recent article in the Lancet (July 2012) showed that GLOBALLY physical inactivity increased your chances of:

  • Heart attack by 16%
  • Type 2 Diabetes by 20 %
  • Breast cancer by 33%
  • Colon cancer by 32%
  • ‘all causes’ of death by 14%

Lack of physical activity causes almost 10% of premature deaths

So what do you get out of exercising so much, in addition to reduced risk of the above?

1. A better body!

2. A better brain – reduced dementia risk

3. Better bone strength

4. Better state of mind

5. Improved coordination and fewer falls

6. Better overall functional health – you will be PHYSIOLOGICALLY YOUNGER than your stated years!

Written by Dr John Cummins on the 12 October 2012.

About the author

Dr. John Cummins, consultant physician and CEO, specializes in preventative medicine and longevity. With over 30 years of experience, he integrates technology with evidence-based practices to enhance health outcomes.

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