Will you have exceptional health in your 80’s?

Health Check Quiz

Take the 2-minute quiz below and see how your health balance sheet is looking at the financial year end.


* BMI: is your weight in kgs divided by your height in metres2

** Grip Strength: While we do measure this on our clients, we don’t do this universally. If you can’t recall your value, assume it is normal. Very few attendees of our practice have low grip strength.

How did you score?


  • If you answered YES to all nine questions, the Honolulu Heart Prevention and Ageing Study results showed that your odds of getting to the age of 80 is 80% and your odds of getting to 80 with exceptional health (disease free) is 75%.
  • If you answered NO to only one question, you have an 77% chance of reaching 80 years of age and a 60% chance of reaching 80 disease free.


These questions come from the Honolulu Heart Prevention and Ageing Study and were highly predictive for achieving exceptional health with no chronic illness (in particular heart disease, Alzheimer’s, emphysema, stroke and Parkinson’s disease).

Do you have regular health checks?

As well as hitting the metabolic targets outlined above, we strongly recommend an annual health check to screen for heart disease and cancer.

We stand for health improvement, not just health assessment. That’s why we’d like you to have a thorough health check every year!

We know it works. We see clients in their 80’s with exceptional health in our practice frequently.

About the author

Dr. John Cummins, consultant physician and CEO, specializes in preventative medicine and longevity. With over 30 years of experience, he integrates technology with evidence-based practices to enhance health outcomes.

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