Workplace Health Programs

The Health and Productivity Institute of Australia (HAPIA) reports that workplace health programs result in improved productivity.

HAPIA reports a:

  • 25% average decrease in sick leave absenteeism
  • 40% decrease in workers compensation costs (which can be a huge drain on costs of business )
  • 24% decrease in disability management costs
  • $5.81 savings for every $1 invested in employee wellbeing

The main drivers for work health programs

According to HAPIA the main drivers for implementing work health programs are:

  • reducing absence and improving employee productivity
  • managing an ageing workforce
  • improving workforce morale and engagement
  • reducing workers compensation costs
  • demonstrating corporate social responsibility
  • being an ‘employer of choice’

The benefits of such programs according to HAPIA

  • greater job satisfaction
  • reduced staff-related costs
  • improved employee engagement
  • less absenteeism
  • higher productivity and ultimately
  • higher profits

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